Gina The Bald Eagle

Favorite food: fish

Favorite colour: white

Favorite toy:  my cell phone

Favorite game: air tag

Favorite book: any book about the Berenstein Bears

Carleton T. Crabbe

Favorite food: don’t have one

Favorite colour: that’s not important

Favorite toy:  none of your business

Favorite game: I win them all, so games are boring

Favorite book: anything I wrote

Cobo The Pink Oiseaux

Favorite food: insects

Favorite colour: pink

Favorite toy:  my music keyboards

Favorite game: flying from tree to tree

Favorite book: To Think I Saw It On Mulberry Street

Anna The Anaconda

Favorite food: meat

Favorite colour: green

Favorite toy:  my squeeze teddy

Favorite game: hide n seek

Favorite book: Green Eggs and Ham

Mindy The Vancouver Island Marmot

Favorite food: grass

Favorite colour: chocolate brown

Favorite toy:  marmot doll

Favorite game: video

Favorite book: All Robert Munsch stories

Akiki The Baby Cheetah

Favorite food: meat

Favorite colour: black

Favorite toy:  ball

Favorite game: running

Favorite book: The Magic Goat by Meshack Asare

Tyrone The Leatherback Turtle

Favorite food: jellyfish

Favorite colour: orange

Favorite toy:  sand shovel

Favorite game: sandy beach races to the water

Favorite book: The Tortoise and the Hare